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Captain Vineyards Recognized as an EBMUD WaterSmart Business

June 8th, 2010


In a ceremony held at the East Bay Municipal Utility District's (EBMUD) headquarters in Oakland, Captain Vineyards and 6 other local businesses were recognized in the inaugural presentation of awards to WaterSmart business customers. Captain Vineyards was the only business recognized that had no association with a city or branch of government.

As the first green winery in Contra Costa County, Captain Vineyards qualified as a WaterSmart Business by using just 253, 572 gallons of water for personal and vineyard use in 2009. That number represents a savings of over 67% when compared to the amount of water consumed by a vineyard of similar size that uses traditional, non- conservative methods.

Captain Vineyards largely attributes the water savings to its technique of "dry- farming." Dry farming is unusal. While there is an overall trend towards using less water in California, dry farming refers to a practice of relying most heavily on natural annual rainfall for growing grapes. Traditional grape growing methods often call for over 20 gallons of water to produce a single gallon of wine. Captain Vineyard's method of slow drip irrigation has trained their vines to grow much deeper into the soil and consume less water.

In addition to dry farming, Captain Vineyard's use of organic compost and mulch on top of the soil has allowed for increased water retention within the soil.

Captain Vineyard's recognition as an EBMUD WaterSmart Business showcases how good water management can translate into big savings that help both their bottom line and the environment. In addition to recognition at the board of directors meeting in Oakland, Captain Vineyards is a certified WaterSmart Business until 2012, and will be recognized in EBMUD industry and stakeholder reports during the Fall of 2010.