About Us

A family-owned and operated business, Captain Vineyards strives to produce the best grapes and most exceptional wines.  As the first, and only, local green vineyard and winery, Captain Vineyards received the small business CoolCAL award.  We are committed to continuous innovation, community education, and environmental consciousness.

We take pride in every step of our production process: energy conservation, dry farming, zero waste, and reduced carbon footprint. Our goal is to grow with our grapes and show that everyone's favorite beverage does not need to cause environmental damage or worsen a drought.  The newly formed Lamorinda American Viticulture Area (AVA) shows that our region is exceptional in its ability to produce unique grapes, and Captain Vineyards is at the vanguard of producing the very best wines. Our wines can be purchased only in-person or online.
We invite you to come experience Captain Vineyards!
About our Vineyard

Our Team​

Sal Captain

 As the former head of Research and Development for a billion dollar medical device company, his philosophy is to bring the very best practices to the production of our wines.  His passion and focus is on getting every last grape to become the very best product.  Unlike most engineers though, Sal loves to chat - be prepared to hear more than you've ever wanted to know about winemaking if you dare ask! 

Susan Captain


Susan Captain tested her skills as a grower by raising 4 children. After some great success in that enterprise, she trained her sights on grape growing and dove headlong into the pursuit. She is a licenced qualified applicator, Certified Bay-Friendly Landscape Professional,  WPS fieldworker Trainer and pesticide handler, part of the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN), California Food Handler Traning Certificate program and is on the IPM advisory committee for Contra Costa County.  Susan and Sal are founding members of the Lamorinda wine growers association (LWGA).  Susan has been on the board since inception 2005 and  president 2012-2014.
“It’s in the nature of the grapevine to respond to challenging conditions, and it’s the job of the growers to remind the vine that it’s capable of doing so." In what little off-time she has, Susan spends time with her 7 granddaughters, provide a viticulture 4 H project for the local middle and high school, and hosts interns from St. Mary's College interested in agriculture, marketing, and business.  Susan holds a degree in Statistics, which, she has found, the vines respect immensely. 

David Captain

Marketing & Sales
David, loves the hard work and joy of growing, harvesting, crushing and the winemaking process.  He has been involved in the winery since he was in college.  
Today, he represents Captain Vineyards at many of the Marketing, sales & distribution venues.

Joseph Captain

Tech Support
Joseph, a UC Davis graduate of 2011, in political science,  Joseph is our IT professional and has been a great support in the development of our first website and continues to work on new technologies that Captain Vineyards can capitailize on.  Joseph holds a Bachelor's degree from UC Davis in political science.   Take a look at this drone scene from our August harvest 2016

Sara Captain​​

Sustainability Advocate
Sara was 15-years-old when the vines were planted. She sold fresh, local eggs from her pet chickens at Farmer’s Market and delivered by bike across town. She won an International Eco-Hero Award from the Jane Goodall Institute for leading an initiative to educate homeowners about local creeks as part of the San Francisco bay estuary, and she was co-president of the local 4-H program.  Her goal is to help bring the three pillars of sustainability – economics, environment, and social – to organizations and individuals in the San Francisco bay area, using the skills acquired from 4 years of business consulting, data analysis, and project management in the tech, healthcare, and food & bev industries. Sara holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and minor in Human Complex Systems from UCLA.  

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