The story of our 2022 Harvest

Our 2022 vintage started early this year, due to the week of  extreme heat that broke records in the area, due to our dry farming  practice, our vines reacted extremally!! sugar level was up & a bit of shriveling. 
We had family, Finnish delegation, neighbors, friends, 4-H & club members, excited to learn & experience the joy of harvest.  WE were done by 10:30 a.m., with both Pinot Noir & Cab Sav.
1200 Lbs. of Pinot Noir & 1300 Lbs.
Pinot Noir 2022
Ava & Sofie Captain after harvest!!
Second & Last harvest of 2022
On the 20th of September we harvested the rest of our crop.  First time ever in 17 years we harvest Petite Sirah in September!! 
3100 Lbs. Petit Verdot, 1300 Lbs. Cab Sav, 500 Lbs. Grenache 7400 Lbs. of Petite Sirah
starting at 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. is when the crusher stopped, a team of 10 to haul all the grapes up!
David Griest
David Griest, our neighbor was the champion of 2022 harvest, using his off road vehicle to transport our Cab Franc from the challenging area to the crush!! Thank you Dave for being an amazing example of neighbors helping neighbors!!
Petite Sirah 2022
Crush Petit Verdot
Fermentation started as soon as the crush happened, we have 11 fermenters at the same time!!
Today is our first press of Petite Sirah on September 29th, 2022!