Return Policy

Return Policy

Captain Vineyards will replace wines that are visibly damaged. This may be indicated by a cork pushing out of a bottle or a bottle leaking wine. If in question, please contact the winery at 925-330-2440, or e-mail us at:

Privacy Policy

The information that you provide Captain Vineyards will not be shared or sold to other companies. The information is utilized so that we may offer a superior level of customer service reflective of the quality of our wines.

All orders placed via this website require a credit card. Upon submitting an order, all credit card numbers are transmitted via secure and encrypted methods. Credit card numbers are not kept on file for website sales. As a result, it will be necessary to enter a credit card number each time an order is placed through the Captain Vineyards website OR Gopayment.

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Questions? Contact us at, 925-330-2440