End of Harvest At Captain Vineyards

Here at Captain Vineyards we engage our wine members to get involved directly in the process of t harvest of the grapes and the wine making.  Our naturally, hand cultivated grapes and wines, is a unique trade of Captain Vineyards and we like our members to actually see, feel & smell the beginning of the wine making.  

Once you participate in the the harvest, you will never look at a bottle of wine the same way!  WE harvested 5000Lbs. of Petite Sirah, 1500Lbs. of Pinot Noir, 1500Lbs. of Cab Sav., 500 Lbs. of Cab Franc, and 2500 Lbs. of Petite Verdot.  11 K Lbs. of grapes from our 2 acres of wine grapes.  as of early November, all our wines have gone through the primary fermentation, secondary fermentation and were racked at least 3 times in the process.   Last but not least, we purchased 4 new French oak barrels to host some of the new wines.  After bottling our 2014 Cab Franc & 2014 Cab Sav, we made space via barrels for our 2020 wines!!