Fall 2021 at Captain Vineyards

Fall 2021
Most of leaves have fallen, the vineyard looks bear & deserted.  But, in reality it is time 
for the vines to rejuvenate, after a whole season of growing.  This is the time 
for our soils to build up & restructure after a long growing season.  Nature has a way
to prepare for next year!!
We are very excited for all the rain we are having this fall. 
We have been harvesting every drop of rain that we can, we are believe that our
water is very important part of our lives, vineyard & winery, we try our best to limit 
the amounts that we use, and we try to reuse any water that we can.
While the vines are dormant, it is a good time to keep the barrels topped at all 
times & we would be working on our labels and preparing for bottling
we are ready to bottle our 2015 wine very soon.
We wish you and yours wonderful & safe
Holiday season for 2021