Happy Earth Day

Spring at The Vineyard
Too many things going on at the vineyard, from pruning, shredding, weed wacking, composting, checking the water system , controlling the erosion, trees falling & fence repair, were the few things we are facing due to the extensive rains & winds of 2022-23.
In 18 years, we have never seen a deer in our vineyard until this year!!
The cool weather had our bud break be pushed back at least 2 weeks!  that means our harvest will be delayed.  Not to mention the bottling of our 2015 wines on its way this spring!
Sara & Sasha Captain Moved in early January to participate & help in the fun & work at Captain Vineyards.  They have already starting their own vegetable garden.  We are excited to have both of them & for sure Sal & I need the extra hands on the vines.
At Captain Vineyards we would like to wish you a safe, enjoyable spring & may we all 
spread the word to honor mother earth!