Harvest Season has ended

As we do every year, our family, friends & club members join the harvest celebration.  We never had such an early harvest as we did this year.  We started with Pinot Noir, on 9/11 we picked up1,483 Lbs.  with an amazing team of friends & club members!! unforgettable experience.    Then on 9/15 we harvested, for the first time in 15 years, as early as September, Petite Sirah 4,553 Lbs. at 23-24 brix, again, the most beautiful grape we grow.
Then on 9/18 we harvested our Cabernet Sauvignon, 1142 Lbs. at 24 brix beautiful, delicious & aromatic grape.
Our hero Ava Isabella Captain, was so excited & energetic, at age 5, she took us by surprise.  Ava is a must at every harvest.
at last, our Petit Verdot & Cabernet Franc was harvested on 10/8, with 23 brix.  For sure our harvest was light compared to previous years, our estimated total is 8,500 Lbs.