Topping the Barrels

Every 4-6 weeks, Sal ventures into the cellar for a day or two of TOPPING, you can call it the angels share of our wine.  Sal, has to estimate the need of extra wine ready for this monthly action.  The wood barrels will allow for a small amount of wine evaporation, enough, to make the need to top off these barrels.   It is quite exciting to do, because for sure we will have some extra wines for us to taste at the end of the day!!  Sometimes, it does become a job, especially when you are needed else where at the vineyard or grandkids! 
Temperatures are starting to range into the 70's & that calls for all our 2021 wines, that we store outdoors to be racked into barrels in the cellar,  for more reasonable wine storage temperatures.  
At Captain Vineyards, as of date, we have not used any cooling at our cellar, we depend totally on the amazing weather in Moraga.  At sun set, temperatures drop & we capture that cool air, by keeping the cellar doors open at night, shut them early morning.  With excellent insulation, we have not needed to use any air conditioning for the last 15 years!
Our objective is to reduce our dependance on any resources possible from electric, gas & water.