About Us

Sal Captain As the former head of Research and Development for a billion dollar medical device company, his philosophy is to bring the very best practices to the production of our wines.  His passion and focus is on getting every last grape to become the very best product.  Unlike most engineers though, Sal loves to chat - be prepared to hear more than you've ever wanted to know about winemaking if you dare ask! 


Susan Captain tested her skills as a grower by raising 4 children. After some great success in that enterprise, she trained her sights on grape growing and dove headlong into the pursuit. She is a licensed qualified applicator, Certified Bay-Friendly Landscape Professional, WPS fieldworker Trainer and pesticide handler, part of the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN), California Food Handler Training Certificate program and is on the IPM advisory committee for Contra Costa County.  Susan and Sal are founding members of the Lamorinda Wine Grower’s association (LWGA).  Susan has been on the board since inception 2005 and president 2012-2014.

“It’s in the nature of the grapevine to respond to challenging conditions, and it’s the job of the growers to remind the vine that it’s capable of doing so." In what little off-time she has, Susan spends time with her 7 granddaughters, provide a viticulture 4 H project for the local middle and high school, and hosts interns from St. Mary's College interested in agriculture, marketing, and business.  Susan holds a degree in Statistics, which, she has found, the vines respect immensely.   Susan, as of March 3rd 2020, is a certified QWEL professional.

David Captain, loves the hard work and joy of growing, harvesting, crushing and the winemaking process.  He has been involved in the winery since he was in college.  Today, he represents Captain Vineyards at many of the venues and events.


Joseph, a UC Davis graduate of 2011, in political science, Joseph is our IT professional and has been a great support in the development of our first website and continues to work on new technologies that Captain Vineyards can capitalize on.  Joseph has not missed one harvest and does participate in bottling and labeling.  Take a look at this drone scene from our August harvest 2016


Sara was 15-years-old when the vines were planted. Now she works in Tech and on the weekends helps with various aspects of the winery business. Her long-term vision is to find ways to succeed with the three pillars of sustainability: economics, social, and environment. Sara holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and minor in Human Complex Systems from UCLA.  


Lily & Camille Captain

Lily & Camille are the two oldest of eight grandchildren (Hazel, Celine , Alex, Ava, Sophie, and Sasha)  grandchildren of Susan and Salah Captain.