Pinot Noir 2021 Harvest


Greetings Captain Vineyards  members, family and friends

We are again welcoming the harvest season, it’s our 15th vintage since the 2005. This has been a wonderful journey meeting amazing people and developing friendships. 

 It is time to harvest the Pinot Noir, which is the smallest of the varietals we grow.

To ensure fairness; We are opening the registration of the first 10 persons that respond. 

However, some facts to consider before you register:

  • The weather is warmer than it’s ever been, there is some residual smoke in the air which makes the PHYSICALLY DEMANDING experience of harvesting & lugging more challenging, however you can harvest & experience the crush
  • We have to start at 6:30 am to ensure the completion of harvest and crush will be before noontime (late arrivals can delay completion)
  • For your safety; Please wear long pants, sturdy hiking shoes and a hat, all required tools for the harvest will be provided including instructions

Continental breakfast with coffee, tea, Bagels/Croissants and water will be available.

Barbecued lunch with wines will be served after harvest.

Please note: This is an adults only event & you must read and accept the Liability Release in this email before attending.

We are looking forward to a very exciting and energizing first of the 2021 vintage harvests


*  let us remember all those whose lives lost by the attach on September 11th & beyond
*  Due to the heat & wind advisory with high probability of fire, this event might be cancelled