Awaiting Bud - Break in the Vineyard

The Vineyard has been pruned mid February, the weeds cut, last years shoots shredded.  Waiting for bud break of 2022.  It has been a very dry & warm February & March. 
Lucky for us, we harvested as much of the water we can from the December rain pour we had.  We used our emptied wine tanks & wine bins to collect the water.  As time passed, we had to use some of the wine to water the plants & to let go of it to the vineyard.  We anticipate a dry year yet again.  the experts are predicting the difficulty growers will face for the 2022 vintage.
At Captain Vineyards, many of the activities are done by a member of our family & a team of help to support the amount of work needed to keep the vineyard healthy & beautiful.