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Finally The 2022 Wine is In the Barrels

Our 2022 vintage has gone through primary fermentation in Bins,  All organic bi-product of the press is hauled into the Vineyard. Once the wine is liquid in tanks,  the secondary fermentation begins, it takes about two to three weeks long.  We racked the wine 3 times so far. The wine is ready to be gravity fed into barrels. We have acquired New French Oak of 5 x 500L & 3 x 225L barrels for the 2022 vintage. We prepare the barrels to receive the wine, Sasha Captain, age 4.5 Years, is helping, she spend many hours with Sal, making sure all the barrels are ready to receive the wine. Sasha is very proud of her excellent workman ship! The final...

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Awaiting Bud - Break in the Vineyard

The Vineyard has been pruned mid February, the weeds cut, last years shoots shredded.  Waiting for bud break of 2022.  It has been a very dry & warm February & March.    Lucky for us, we harvested as much of the water we can from the December rain pour we had.  We used our emptied wine tanks & wine bins to collect the water.  As time passed, we had to use some of the wine to water the plants & to let go of it to the vineyard.  We anticipate a dry year yet again.  the experts are predicting the difficulty growers will face for the 2022 vintage.    At Captain Vineyards, many of the activities are done by a...

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