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In our effort to spread knowledge of the advancements in SUSTAINABLE and ORGANIC Viticulture and Oenology, we will publish various articles that we come a cross in our everlasting search for education.  Here is one, please enjoy. By: James Lawrence, Meiningers Wine Business International Thorvald, a robot equipped with ultraviolet lamps, is slaying fungus wherever it goes. James Lawrence says this could be a game-changer for viticulture. An international consortium of scientists and manufacturers have pioneered a revolutionary treatment for fungal diseases common to agriculture. The group, which includes researchers at Cornell AgriTech in New York, the University of Florida and Norwegian firm SAGA Robotics, have developed a robot that uses ultraviolet (UV) light lamps to eliminate mildew from vineyards....

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The pleasures of working on the Vineyard

The time of the year to tuck the shoots, thin the grapes & hedge the access growth.  This vineyard is dry farmed!!  Our winery is accepting reservations by appointment, email us at: for reservations.   Purchase a bottle or two & enjoy it at our vineyard surrendered deck OR take it home and enjoy it with your family.   We observe the shelter in place rules with masks and physical distance.  

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